Safari in Africa

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Someone may think the Safari Guide is a sort of travel agency. It is not. All the information presented by the Safari Guide should help you in further decisions and give you a general idea about what you can expect. I am not being paid to present this information. I am presenting that which I recognize as pertinent.

For this reason, don't search here for beach destinations, or areas, whose goal it isn't to show you the most but rather to make the most profit on you. The more time you spend moving from place to place, the cheaper the organizer's deal package. Aside from presenting my wildlife, I am also trying to spread information about national parks and reserves, which have successfully demonstrated that they are well-founded, even from an economic standpoint, which is key for the existence of a number of places. A moral commitment to the inheritance of future generations is seldom the genuine reason...

You will find information here about the wildlife in the chosen parks and about accommodation, usually classic, luxurious lodges in the colonial style and best time to go. Contacts for the individual regions, which I present here, belong to the best and they are people who I have foremost verified personally. Transitions are frequently quite challenging. Because of seasonal complications I cannot recommend rough-style moving camps, which according to me are indeed wonderful, but... If these pages, or perhaps even my photo-web, compel someone to visit Africa, then their purpose is met.

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