Eastern Black-and-white Colobus - Mammals

Eastern Black-and-white Colobus - map of occurrence

Eastern Black-and-white Colobus

Colobus guereza

conservation status Least Concern

Weight: males 10-20kg (22-44lb), females 7-10kg (15-22lb)
Lenght: 50-70cm (1ft 8in - 2ft 4in) + tail 70-85cm (28-34in)
Wild population:
Lifespan: up to 24 years
Gestation: 5-6 months, 1 young
Voice: far-reaching roars -"rurr,rurr" particularly at dawn and dusk
Identification black and white monkey with a long, white, tasselled tail
Range: Eastern Nigerie to east Ethiopia, south to north Tanzanie,
west to Gabon
Habitat: all types of closed forests, gallery and montane forests,
acacia woodlands, bamboo stands

Protecting organisations:

It has no cheek pouches, and, like most colobi, the thumb is nearly absent. Its coat is a glossy black with its face and rump surrounded by white and a U-shaped white mantle on its sides and rear of back. Its tail is white at the end. Young are all white. The point of its nose nearly touches its mouth. Its hind legs are long and well-muscled for leaping through the trees and bounding along branches. Its rump callouses allow it to sit for long periods of time on slender branches without discomfort.
Troop size of the Mantled Guereza is usually 6-9, with one or more adult males. Its home range is about 40 acres. This species has a preferred area within its home range from which other groups are chased, but not permanently excluded. Visual and vocal displays occur when groups meet, and loud nocturnal and dawn choruses by adult males serve to space out groups. Young become fully mature in about 4-6 years.

Eastern Black-and-white Colobus (Colobus guereza) -
Eastern Black-and-white Colobus (Colobus guereza) -
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location:Sweetwaters, Kenya