Common Flapneck - Reptiles

Common Flapneck

Chamaeleo dilepis

conservation status no relevant data

Weight: kg (lbs)
Lenght: max. 0.35 m (14 in)
Wild population: no relevant data, but widespread and common
Lifespan: approx. 3-8 years
Gestation: 20-30 eggs which hatch in 6-7 months
Identification the coloration is a light green, brown and yellow, males smaller than females, flattened head, a set of large occipital lobes that protrude over the neck
Range: southern and central Africa
Habitat: dry forests and savannah associated with trees, bushveld & thornveld, rarely on the ground.

Protecting organisations:

This species is a tree dweller inhabiting the tropical rain forests and savannas.
The females are larger than the males and superior to them. Relaxed colours of this species are a light green, grey or brown with a small white stripe along the side. When they get excited or stressed, they quickly acquire small black dots throughout their bodies. When ready to mate, females change their colour to green with yellow spots.

Common Flapneck (Chamaeleo dilepis) -
Common Flapneck (Chamaeleo dilepis) - Common Flapneck (Chamaeleo dilepis) - Common Flapneck (Chamaeleo dilepis) -
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camera:NIKON D300
lens:Sigma 70-200 mm F2.8 EX DG MACRO HSM
focal length:90 mm
exposure time:1/125 s
location:South Luangwa, Zambia