African Fish-Eagle - Birds

African Fish-Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer ) -
camera: NIKON D300
lens: Sigma 120-300 mm F2.8 APO EX DG IF HSM
extender: --
focal length: 600 mm
exposure time: 1/1000 s
aperture: 6.3
stativ: pytlík s rýží/beanbag
ISO: 500
location: South Luangwa, Zambia
African Fish-Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer ) - African Fish-Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer ) -
African Fish-Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer )  I prepared the set-up for a photo of an attacking African Fish Eagle. But when he plunged down towards the surface, I realized my 3D tracking wasn't working (usually a great device) because I tore off the thread on my teleconverter. Even this can happen. The next 4 days I was photographing with this disadvantage... My 1.4x converter unfortunately didn't help much, because in Luangwa the animals are in fact very wild and so a 600mm lens is just right...
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camera:NIKON D300
lens:Sigma 120-300 mm F2.8 APO EX DG IF HSM
extender:Sigma APO 2.0 EX DG
focal length:600 mm
exposure time:1/1000 s
stativ:pytlík s rýží/beanbag
location:South Luangwa, Zambia