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Human life is invaluable in comparison with the life of a wild animal... But is that really the case? Finding a balance between the renewable usage of natural resources and human greed will be hard but if not impossible. Should we not manage, we will all loose. The photographs presented here should help show what we are missing by irreversibly plundering our planet's ecosystem. That is why you will not find any photos here from the zoo or from a zoo-park, where regularly the ecosystem is not protected, but rather where profit is made from the forced showing of trapped animals. Animal breeding in captivity is just a small band-aid on the killing done in nature. It is necessary above all to protect nature as a whole. In addition, I built this site to attract attention, with the help of the photographs, to environmentally friendly projects (which you can find in the “Links” section) and to regions in the world where wild animals are being protected (“Safari” section). I see my photographs as a means to achieve the previously stated goal. First of all, it is important to me that my visitors take a look at the aforementioned links and that they possibly go visit the national parks that depend on income from tourism. Many parks and their valuable ecosystems may face an end if there are no tourists. So far this does not apply to the remote and uninhabited territories like Kamchatka, but it definitely applies to areas with large population pressure (eastern Africa, the Amazon). When I photograph, I deliberately adhere to strict rules, which often disadvantage me in comparison with typical “hunters” of the shot. Arrogant and egotistical behavior without respect for the photographing of animals (i.e. the active pursuing of the animals with a vehicle, or even purposeful provocation) is on a smaller scale exactly the same as the way we behave as a whole towards our planet. It is enough to wait and wait. If an elephant, lion, or cheetah wants to play or is just curious, they will come themselves. Suggestions, especially critical ones, which can help improve the standard of this site are welcome.E-mail: ondrej@nature-photo.com

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